Gina Maniscalco

Gina ManiscalcoGina Maniscalco is President and Chief Vanity Officer of LookinGood.  Ms. Maniscalco is a veteran media executive, with a strong track record in building and operating successful digital media businesses.  She co-founded and grew, one of the country’s most successful regional newspaper websites – owned by The New York Times.  As CEO of Public Interactive, a content and technology service provider for public radio and television stations across the U.S, she took over the company and turned it around, which led to a sale of the business.  Ms. Maniscalco has also been a radio reporter and has authored articles for The Boston Globe and other newspapers.

Aside from her amazing career, remarkable business acumen and coveted management talents, Ms. Maniscalco has been a consumer of staggering quantities of personal care products since the age of twelve.

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