Yoga for above the neck.

Posted on November 4th, 2013 by Michelle

face yogaFor some reason, older men I pass on the street like to tell me I should smile more. It’s nice to be noticed so I smile sweetly, and quickly resume my previous face, whatever it was. But those men are more right than they even realize.  It takes 57 more muscles in the face to frown than it does to smile. Some call it attitude. I call it exercise. If you’re jumping on a revival fad, you could call it “face yoga.”

Face exercises have been around for half a century, dating back to a 1959 Vogue article, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Face yoga” as it is most commonly called, has resurfaced, what with the economy reducing the amount of disposable income out there for nipping and tucking.

“The Yoga Face,” by Annelise Hagen and “The Yoga Facelift” were both published a couple years ago, and the books on facial exercises have been rolling out every since. The idea is that toning and firming the muscles, as well as relieving the tension that builds in your face (think of your clenched jaw or pursed lips as your boss tells you she needs three more stories to post in the next hour …) will mean fewer wrinkles and a younger look. **

Both medical experts and yoga instructors have weighed in on whether or not it works, and most agree it can’t hurt, but equating the effects to plastic surgery is, well, stretching it. Keeping these muscles fit can delay many of the effects of aging, but it ain’t gonna hold ‘em off.

You’re also not going to see the difference overnight, although you will feel it. Yes, in the name of good research, and being just a little goofy by nature, I tried the exercises found on, plus a forehead exercise I found on YouTube. My kids think it’s hysterical, but I can definitely feel the muscles worked, just as I can feel the muscles throughout my body after a regular yoga session.

Yoga instructors who incorporate this into regular circuits, and those hawking books, say it takes three or four weeks to notice a tightening and firming in your facial appearance. Again, not as quick or effective as a facelift, but you can’t beat the cost.

And less stress in my face could be reason to smile.

  • includes Face Yoga as part of personal growth.
  • Carole Maggio published a DVD on advanced “facercise” which you can buy on

(**Editors note:  I have NEVER asked Michelle for 3 more stories in an hour.)

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