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Posted on December 5th, 2012 by Gina

Experiment in the laboratory

Every day it seems the media wants to tell us what’s good for us or what’s bad for us.  Red wine.  Caffeine.  Massage.  Exercise.  Sunlight.  Air.  Yes! No!  Well ….  sometimes.

We regard the information like statistics.  It can be “interpreted” to say whatever you want it to say, whatever you want people to believe for the moment and, most importantly, whatever will make the catchiest headline.

So Gina and I thought it was pretty funny when we found a slideshow on’s health page about the nine cosmetics treatments (what LookinGood refers to as processes) that people should rethink because they might be dangerous or ineffective.  We thought it was funny because, of the nine, we’ve tried 4.5 of them between us and  a) We’re still here to tell about it; b) A couple of them are processes we won’t do without; and c) We’re thinking about a couple more.

Let’s review:

1)  The Botox breast lift. This one we agree on – NEVER.  It’s some crazy scheme about paralyzing the pectoral muscles so that a person stands up straight and lifts their chest.  But, c’mon people, how many of you out there are ready to let someone jab a large needle that close to your lungs or heart to paralyze a muscle?  Remember the scene from “Pulp Fiction” with Uma Thurman and the adrenaline shot?  ’Nuf said.

2) Fish pedicures and manicures. This is my half point of the 4.5.  I would argue that letting the blue gills nibble my toes as they dangle in the lake each summer during vacation isn’t much different from the doctor fish treatment.

3) Waxing. Really? Someone is taking issue with ripping out the little hairs on our faces or inside our thighs with hot wax?  It’s a regular part of both of our routine and we won’t give it up until there is something better and/or cheaper.

4) Eyelash thickening drops. Gina’s been using eyelash lengthener for a couple years now and has no intention of giving it up.

5) UV-activated teeth whitening. Well, we’ve had our teeth whitened, just not with this UV contraption.

6) Permanent makeup. As in, cosmetic tattooing.  This isn’t about a Grateful Dead image in the small of anyone’s back.  This is about eyeliner, lipstick, blusher, eyebrows – wake up with makeup.  And once again, Gina’s done it and swears by it.  We’ll give you the full rundown about micropigmentation soon.

7) Brava breast enhancement. Okay, this one deserves another story because it is a whole boob inflating system and no one we know has ever tried it.  But we’ll find someone, and of course, fill you in on all the details (pun intended.)

8) Chemical peels. On this one, we’re both chicken, so no point there.

9) Thermage. Gina’s reaction to this process was “Pffffffft.  Don’t believe anyone who says they are going to cook your face from the inside out.”  Final point for our team.


So, we’re halfway to dangerous beauty behavior.  Is there a 12 step program for that?

Here’s the MSN take.

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