Glaming up the gams

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 by Gina

There is nothing more delightful than wearing a skirt in the summer: cool, breezy and free.  I pity the boys this time of year when all pants look confining and hot to me. But fashionable skirts are rarely below the knees these days, and my legs just aren’t what they used to be.  I envy my ethnic sisters and their dark skin, because let’s face it, white girls have it bad in the summer – especially if the spiders you’ve been fighting this season are spider veins.

Good news, my pale friends, I am going give you the low-down on products for your pair of down-lows.

The first question you need to ask yourself is how much coverage you want.  You may giggle at this, but one of the best selling leg cosmetics is made by Joan Rivers, who might have done serious damage to her face, but still sports a nice set of sticks.  The Right to Bare Legs (3 oz. bottle for $29.99), sold heavily on HSN and online, is for serious leg coverage – scars, bruises, veins – even tattoos.  Sally Hansen has a spray-on Airbrush Legs with medium coverage ($14.99 for 4.4 ounces), as does NYCE Spray-on Instant Nylons (5 oz. for $19.99), that honestly looks as though you are wearing nylons (without the snags/runs).  They all come off with soap and water and will definitely cover up any imperfections you might have.

Most of us just want to smooth out our legs and enhance them with a little color for special occasions.  Self-tanning products are great if you planned ahead of time, but if this is a rush job, we have a couple of recommendations.  My new friends at Rouge Cosmetics in Salem, Mass. (where LookinGood recently moved), turned me on to St. Tropez Perfect Legs.  This is a cream self-tanner and bronzer combination.  The bottle has a split applicator that allows you to control the amount of bronzer you want immediately, while smoothing it in with a mild self-tanner.  It doesn’t smell, has a nice brown color and it isn’t terribly expensive at $30.

Here’s another great idea: use mineral makeup.  I grabbed my neighbor Susie the other day and experimented on her legs with several of the above-mentioned products.  She didn’t need a spray-on and wasn’t wild about using more cream, either, but when we lightly brushed on a little Bare Minerals Glow, it smoothed out and lifted just enough color on her legs to give a healthy glow.  She loved it, and walked out the door with my mineral makeup.

So, play that funky music, white girls, we can hike up our skirts, glam up our gams and dance the night away.

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  1. LookinGood

    Good question! Anything with a cream – like a self-tanner or a bronzer tends to go on unevenly on our feet and ends up looking ridiculous. I recommend getting a powder mineral makeup that is a bronze color and a good, fat brush. You can just dust on a little color to blend in with your nice tan golf legs and not worry about streaks. Comes off with soap and water, too. Happy golfing, Anne!

  2. Anne Maxfield

    Hi Gina,
    Is there something you reccomend for feet? I play golf a lot, and my legs have decent color, but my feet are WHITE from the ankles down. Not so cute in sandals!

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