Ingenuity saves the cleavage

Posted on August 6th, 2010 by Michelle

Two words: Cleavage wrinkles.

Who knew? Apparently, the crew I roll with is too flat-chested to have warned me about this. As if worrying about sagging isn’t enough. Does the madness never end?

Well, possibly it does because Kush Support offers a non-surgical solution where no solution has gone before: the décolletage. Their little device offers “sleep support for your breasts.”  It’s basically a boob pillow that comes in three sizes and seven colors.

Inventor Cathinka Chandler developed Kush after learning there was no cream, exercise or device to battle or erase the effects of gravity from the cleavage of busty, side-sleeping women. The pressure of one breast on the other compounds the situation. For just $24.99, she and Kush can fix that.

The somewhat conical, plastic pillow is also marketed to offer comfort after breast augmentation as well as to pregnant women. The company says that the device is able to “offer more natural rest for the breasts,” and allow the user a better night’s sleep. And by judging from the pictures on the website, the seven different colors cleverly allow you to match it to either your skin tone or your lingerie.

It’s good to know that if I ever bust into that C-cup category or beyond, there’s a tool to fight cleavage wrinkles. Of course, what’s keeping me up at night now is the knowledge that I didn’t come up with the idea. Just when I was getting over the Pet Rock.

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