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Posted on June 21st, 2010 by Michelle

When I “got skinny” five years ago, one of the first things I did was buy my first bikini.  To go with it, I got my first leg and bikini wax and listened to a friend.

“If you’re going to get a bikini wax,” she said, “you might as well get a Brazilian.”

That first rrrrr-iiii-ppppp of the wax-removal material was, let’s say, a wake-up call.  My idea of a Brazilian and the actuality of it were two entirely different things and in my brain that realization was apparently on a 30-second delay.  After the initial “Oh … my … god,” it was all pretty funny, I couldn’t really do anything but roll with it (visualize stopping half-way through – not an option).

A recent article from WebMD was geared toward people contemplating a bikini wax or Brazilian, full of things to keep in mind.  Usually a pretty thorough researcher, I was kind of naïve when it came to waxing anything other than my face, but I can honestly say that if I knew then what I know now, I’d still do it, I’d just make sure the esthetician and I are on the same page.  If you want a bikini wax, it’s kind of like edging the lawn.  The Brazilian is roto-tilling the whole garden.

That summer, my legs never looked better.  They were smooth and soft and sleek for weeks.  There weren’t any “strays” poking their coarse little heads out.  I could wear as much or as little as I wanted without a second thought.  And while I was, um, startled by the process at first, I can’t say it was really painful for me, which was especially surprising because of the extreme sensitivity of my face when it comes to waxing.  There was some initial discomfort, but it wore off quickly.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but there have been awkward days at the beach – standing waist-deep in body-numbing water for hours because of a really unfortunate 5 o’clock shadow or grasping for something inflatable or damp with which to cover myself because my garden had not recently been weeded – when I wonder why I didn’t make that waxing appointment.

There are alternatives to waxing, of course.  The most obvious is shaving, because most of us do that already.  It’s just a matter of kicking it up a notch.  Gillette, Schick and even Noxema offer bikini-area trimmers.  And while you can’t use it for extremely personal places, I do like the Smooth Away for my upper thighs.

In terms of results, though, none of those comes close to waxing.  Just remember:  If you want a so-called “landing strip” or “racing stripe,” you have to let the waxer know.  Otherwise, it’s quite an eye-opener.

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