Mother of re-invention

Posted on May 5th, 2010 by Gina

Anna JarvisDid you know that the woman who created Mother’s Day died penniless after financing an attempt to repeal it?  Anna Jarvis spent half of her inheritance and much of other people’s money, first promoting the national holiday, which Woodrow Wilson made official in 1914.  Then she spent the rest of her inheritance campaigning against it because it had become too commercialized.  Anna Jarvis is the one who coined the term “Hallmark Holiday.”

In her honor then, LookinGood will help you feel more foolish by offering advice on the gifts you’re going to spend money on anyway, despite Anna’s protests.

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Do: Gift them a makeup consultant.  Maybe their looks are timeless. But a professional makeup consultant will analyze her client’s skin, discuss with her about the look she wants and not only apply the makeup, but give a lesson on how to apply it to achieve the same look at home.  The deal might even include products and/or samples, or at least discounts on them. There are private makeup artists, estheticians at spas, even the department stores have makeup professionals who will apply their brand for free by appointment.   Spa and private consultants run $200-$500.

Do: Give them spa certificates.  She will be pampered and primped for as little as 30 minutes or as long as the whole day to find her outer beauty.  Prices range anywhere from $50-$500, depending on the spa and your region.  Check the website of mom’s favorite place or yours.  If you’re having trouble finding a place, or want to let her choose for herself, is also an option.

Do: If she has had a child or two, give her a Mommy Makeover.  First, pull out your checkbook.  Includes breast enhancement and tummy tuck – sometimes a little lipo just to even things out.   An easy $15,000 to $20,000.

Don’t: Buy her perfume.  No matter how many ads you see, do not succumb to the temptation.  Unless she tells you exactly what she wants, you will not get it right.

Anna Jarvis, look what you’ve done.

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