The men have a bone to pick with Father Time

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by Michelle

We all know that our faces change as we age, with “change” just being a nicer word than “sag.”  A new study led by physicians at the University of Rochester Medical Center, however, suggests that changing bone structure is as big a contributor to the problem as aging skin.

And this, my friends, is bad news for our boys.  Their future facelifts may not just be skin deep, but cut right to the bone.

That’s what Dr. Oscar Ramirez is banking on, anyway, touting his Mandibular Matrix Implant System.  It sounds like something from a Keanu Reeves science fiction movie, but really it’s just fancy words for implants to the entire lower jaw (a.k.a. the mandible).

The idea is to give men, and sometimes women, a stronger jaw line, enhancing the shape of the face and making it look younger.  Mandibular implants aren’t new, though as with most cosmetic procedures, advancements are always being made.  Dr. Barry Eppley, at, notes that creating a strong jaw is not simple.

The mandible has three sections, the chin, the body (side), and the jaw angle. Because this is an area unique to each individual, implants have to be custom-made in advance, or carved during surgery.  They can be done in one, two or three pieces. They are inserted through incisions at the bottom of the chin or sometimes through the mouth.  They are held in place with sutures and screws.   Often, a neck and/or jowl lift should be done at the same time.

Ramirez’s system “is composed of an articulated wraparound geniomandibular chin immandibleplant and a wraparound gonial angle implant,according to the website, and appears to be two overlapping plastic pieces attached to each side of the face.  The accompanying picture looks like a skeleton wearing a heavy-duty chin strap.

And of course, this is considered cosmetic, which means no insurance.  The cost could range from $4,000-$10K.

This is some seriously facial engineering, here folks.  Really manly kinda stuff.  Women might be accused of taking our facelifts too lightly, but leave it to the guys to do it big.  No nip/tuck here, this is structural demolition and reconstruction.

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