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Posted on March 15th, 2010 by Michelle

It’s no secret that we really wanted to make fun of Nose Secret, the plastic splints you squeeze into your nostrils to temporarily straighten and streamline your nose.

C’mon – a bent piece of plastic with balls at each end that you squeeze and pinch and shove up your nose to make it look better?  Imagine a dilapidated porch on the front of a farmhouse, propped up by a couple of 2x4s. That’s the basic idea behind Nose Secret, and while we at LookinGood are fans of piercing and picking them when necessary, this sounded disgusting and dumb.

Much to our surprise, though, everyone who has gotten past the “ick” factor and used the silly things, loves the product.  It works for them. And we’ve gotta say, some of the before-and-after pictures, like the one we used above from the blog, are downright cute.

Nose Secret bills itself as instant nose correction, suggesting the little device as an alternative to a surgical nose job.  It claims to make a thick nose look thinner, a hooked nose straighter and a crooked nose less bent. The testimonials from men and women are pretty amazing, even though the video on YouTube is not. Your $34.95 gets you the starter kit consisting of the splints in all three sizes: small, medium and large.

Once you get past the hangup most users had – the idea that you might snort one of the thing so far in you can’t get it back out – you figure out what size your nose needs and follow the placement instructions.  The little devices are supposed to be invisible to the outside world, and the company suggests you wear them for short periods of time at first to get used to the feeling.  One user suggests tying strings to them (not in public of course), to help eliminate the worry that they’ll slip too far up your snout to remove.

Nose Secret gets a mention on from a plastic surgeon who probably does a lot of nose jobs and who comes down against it. On, however, another site that offers user testimonials, the product earned a 4.4 out of 5 rating.

If you’re thinking about trying it, the Nose Secret website cautions against wearing the device while sleeping, swimming, working out or doing any strenuous physical exercise. No one mentions what happens when they sneeze. If those babies go flying, your secret’s out.

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  1. Notsponsored

    To the people that think this product does not work/is too uncomfortable to wear, have definitely only been using this product at a week at maximum. I’ve been wearing these splints for over two years now, and in the beginning they did feel really uncomfortable, as I did not follow the directions to wear them for only 30 minutes maximum. Within the first two weeks I was wearing them for 8 hours at school and crying when I took them out because my nostrils were so sore. But the pain of my nose insecurities were far more detrimental, so I stuck to the splints wearing them for 5 days a week 8 hours a day. They stopped hurting after a few months, and now I don’t feel anything at all. I asked my doctor if there were any major damages to my nostrils and she said no, so I continue to use them to this day. They make my nose look nicer and smaller since my nostrils are naturally wide. I’ve grown dependent on them and they’ve made me into a more confident person.
    If you don’t want to be dependent on a product don’t buy it. If you want your nose to be smaller and prettier then do buy them, just don’t complain about the pain. It would be too good to be true if these splints were painless to the nose.

  2. Monika Stelljes

    If you have ever used nose right from . Tell me what you think about. Did it work? Did you get results? Also my nose has a slight bump and has a droop. I want to know if this will help. Thanks :)

  3. Wen

    This doesn’t work and is a real waste of money. It doesn’t work for all types of noses, and its effectiveness depends on the shape of your nose/nostrils. So please think about it before you buy.

  4. Candyce

    I got my nose secret last week and some people are correct in that it does hurt….a lot. However as someone born with the weirdest nose ever, this thing really works for me. It’s not a super drastic change but more refined. My nose veers off to the left and one nostril is slightly bigger than the other. The nose secret made it look more proportional and centered it. I am willing to get used to them in regards to comfort and not give up because they simply make me more confident. For those who scream on here that it is a scam and that we are all paid and no one should buy this , you should really watch your words, speak for yourself and leave the satisfied people out of it. Yes there are scams out there and maybe their are people on here who are being dishonest but think about it, it could go the other way too. How do we know that you don’t work for another company that’s trying to get people to not use this to steer you towards a company you work for. Goes both ways I guess. Bottom line, let adults for the most part make their own decisions, go on a case by case individualistic perspective and let us figure it out. So far and I say so far because I have not had them very long….I can’t tell you how happy I am….I look normal for the first time in my life. Just because your bitter doesn’t mean the reviews are fake. I am simply a waiter and am not paid by anyone except the restaurant I work for. Again, I am not an employee of nosesecret. When I am dealing with customers, I am so much more comfortable looking them in the eye. I would turn a little so they couldn’t see how crooked my nose was. Are there going to be people who are unhappy with the product? Absolutely! But are there people like me whose lives have changed and that are ecstatic that it exist? Hell Yeah! If I went along with “DON’T BUY THIS…IT’S A SCAM!” and didn’t have a mind of my own, I would still be sitting here unhappy, unconfident and trying to figure out ways for people not to notice my nose. Thank God I have my own mind. Say you feel like its a scam fine but to say it so definitely, like you know for sure can be hindering to people. Because some people on here have some messianic view of themselves and feel like they should speak for all, there might be some people who might miss out on a great thing and that could go for any product. I’m not saying always go against what people say, I am merely stating use your own judgement such as the rule of life and ignore the angry haters. Good luck to anyone that gives this a shot. Do you!

  5. Giana

    Well, maybe y’all should make them out of rubber so that they don’t fall out.

  6. Annabel

    I’ve had nosesecret for about a year and a half. 01. They tell you to gradually increase the length of time you wear OVER time. Follow the instructions. Don’t complain that your nose hurts because you wore them for two hours the first day, rather than fifteen to thirty minutes. 02. If you’re wearing the correct size, they will not fall out if you sneeze. 03. I can wear mine for a whole day now if I really want to. I’m telling you over time is the key. If I know I’m going to be wearing them for a prolonged period I rub a little vaseline in my nose first. They will not slip out if you’re wearing the correct size. They don’t recommend this in the instructions, but after a year and a half of wearing them Ifeel comfortable doing it.

  7. Yolanda

    I love it!!! I have not been paid for this review. I just received my nose secret in the mail today (8-23-13)I am an african American, wide nose. I have the m-l-xl. I tried the medium and it worked like a charm. I attempted the large, but it made my nose look deformed. Medium is natural looking and feeling a lot more confident. LOVE IT!!!!

  8. Seema

    I got my kit today, tried it & it wasnt just sitting in. Either slips up or if sits it hurts too bad. I tried changing to a smaller size which hurted less but still didnt sit in place. Struggled for 20 minutes then gave up.
    It did fit in for sometimes n made the nose look so amazing but the amount of pain i felt was not tolerable.
    Its been few hrs that i took it off but the sose is still hurting too bad.
    Will try tomorrow again.. I wish these were comfirtable :(

  9. Leslie

    I ordered this item in the M, L, XL (i’m a female) and received within one week in a small, yellow envelope. Everything was intact and the L fit me, I am African American with a wide at the base nose, I stuck these in after some trial and error and wow!! love it. I took a slew of pictures, it made my nose look more refined and my profile look great. Truly pleasantly surprised. I sent pics to my sister and she flipped at the change. I’ve always wanted my nose to look like hers and now it does. Without the thousands of dollars price tag. It was uncomfortable after 2 hours but the package does state to gradually build up wearing the inserts. These are nifty little things (sort of freaky putting up your nose as I am afraid of inhalaning it and hopefully will never have my nose hit when I’m wearing them) but I’m glad I purchased. Probably the best $30 (they had a Valeninte sale) I’ve spent to alter my appearance for the better.

  10. Aida

    I just ordered this product, I am not looking for anything drastic but for the $72 I paid in total for the kit and to get it shipped to me. I better see something or its’ going back and my review is going on my blog/twitter/facebook you name it whether it works or not, watch this space :) add me on twitter to se my review with pictures @hbfwc

  11. Aida

    I just ordered this product will let you know how it goes- if it EVER gets here!

  12. henri

    i want to buy one!!!!!

  13. jonathon woods

    to take back all the years of looking like a ugly dork its worth it
    makes u realise how much girls dont like u cause of 1 lil nose bump
    it works

  14. brasscuupcakes

    these are the most absurd reviews EVER. I put EVER in capital letters? Why, you may well ask? Although I am not a rude person who ‘shouts’ in print, these reviewers are — because they’ve all been paid off, one way or another. Go to, you will find reviews from members who wrote testimonials before even trying Nose Secret in exchange for getting it free. But the biggest tip-off here is that these reviews aren’t thoughtful — they’re flat-out worshipful of this product. While you’re at MakeUp Alley, check the five star reviews for other products such as foundation — you’ll see woo-hoo, HG (holy grail), etc., but the writing is idiosyncratic and authentic and the reviewers take pains to relate each product’s down-side completely. I will say that Nose Secret and similar products have tilted the game even at MakeUp Alley — you’ll find a lot of shills there also. The problem of fake product reviews is endemic on the internet, but nose right and similar have gone to elaborate lengths, including offering one youtube reviewer $100 a month to remove her negative review. If you’re not convinced, one good clue is that these reviews haven’t been reviewers for very long, nor have they reviewed many other products — often only the one. Silly, really, because the people who are considering buying these products are so desperate for solutions that most would consider a ten percent shot at improvement worth the $35 bucks (I know I would). When I read a thoughtful, positive review that says YMMV (your mileage may vary), I’ll bite. But I haven’t read any of those here.

  15. mery_gar

    The Nosesecret splints may feel unconfortable at the begining depending on how sensitive you are but once you get use to them you do not even feel them. I wear them them for over 6 hours everyday and do not feel disconfort.
    However, for those that complaint about pain, you have no idea how the nose job hurts. I had plastic surgery in the past, and if I had known that the Nosesecret splints existed I would’ve never gone through surgery.

  16. Nosesecret

    The correct phone number of Nosesecret is 201-266-0077

  17. Sandy

    Hurts like a bitch. Sure two hours you can wear the most, but after that you’re practically stabbing a piece of plastic inside your nostril. If this company wants to sell properly, they need to think of the customer’s needs, and one of the most important ones is comfortability! This product would have much better reviews if it were made to fit to comfort, and last longer for use.

  18. HG

    My product came in a few days ago on 3-6-12. It definitely lifts the tip of your nose and slims the sides of our nose. A little too well if you ask me. But this will be a great investment for a person with a larger nose. My nose is smaller so when I use the inserts it makes my nose look a little deformed. But my conclusion is if you can stand a little pain and discomfort then try it. I just don’t see how this can be worn for a long period of time. Most reviews stated that they could only wear this for up to 2 hours but I can’t get past 15 minutes.


    Today is my first time using Nose Secret. I bought the XS, S, M kit; XS ended up fitting best in my southeast Asian nose. Although my nose bridge is fairly defined, the tip is wide, and my nostrils are pretty wide. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to get the splints in comfortably and securely. Once both were in and adjusted, I began sneezing like crazy! Thankfully, the sneezes and sniffles went away in a few minutes. The Nose Secret splints narrowed the tip of my nose and nostrils considerably but not drastically. My nose looks more delicate and fits my face better. My side profile is more defined. I’m very pleased with this product so far. For now, the only drawback that I’ve experienced was the sneezing and runny nose when the splints first went in. Overall, I’m pleased with the results and am glad I made the purchase.

  20. jojo

    Hi I just receive my product yesterday and I love it it made my nose look skinny and gave a beautiful tip if you were to ask me if I would recommend this the answer is most definitely I love it!

  21. steph

    I recently purchased this item. I have a wide & droopy nose, which i’ve never liked. I tried fillers, and they just made my nose look bigger( i wasn’t satisfied at all). I tried this product, and it does exactly what it advertises. I was very impressed by the drastic change of my nose. However, my biggest complaint is that… they’re great for 2 hours, but after that, they feel EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. I just wish they made them more comfortable, for longer use. I wouldn’t mind paying more, if they were only more comfortable!

  22. Marlyn Falson

    It’s exhausting to search out knowledgeable individuals on this subject, however you sound like you understand what you’re talking about! Thanks

  23. Nosesecret

    the correct phone number for Nosesecret is 201-266-0077

  24. Brando

    These nose splints hurt and inflamed the inner of my nostril and eventually left dry stuck bits of blood in my nose. I don’t know if this is just me, but everyone is different right? …

  25. lia

    New pictures of Asian and African American users are posted on the Photo-gallery page at Nosesecret.con

  26. Dienna

    Nose Secret may be great for some, but has proved to be a waste of money, and time for me. I received my Nose Secret kit within three days of ordering, and was immediately in a position to try the product. I went into the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror as stated in instructions, then I proceeded to take the product out of package, and going through the sizes to determine which one would fit my nose entrance. None of the splints were the right size. I say this simply, because I was unable to get the splints to stay in place, go in right or to not almost be inhaled down my nasal passage. After a near fright of inhaling the product, I called Nose Perfect, and was told their product works very well. It doesn’t, and that I needed to send back the package priority mail, and with delivery confirmation, and expect to lose $6.95 for return processing. SMH! I returned the package as stated immediately, and was told now that I would have to wait two to three weeks for a refund. They require you return the product within 15 days. Take a loss of $6.95, and immediately take your money upfront. Go Figure. I do not recommend buying or trying this product as it is purely a scam.

  27. Madame sasha

    I am not a staff member at all- I am an African American with an extremely short nose that can best be described as having a medium width. (picture my nose this way: smaller width then Gabrielle Union, but just as short) I must say, nose secret WORKS; however, there is some discomfort, but not pain, at first and this certainly may detract some would be consumers from buying the product. It works, it works, it works. If you have a short button nose as I have, your tip will be lifted and the nose will appear slimmer, but will not produce much elongation.


    DO NOT
    BUY IT

    Listen to me people, these splints hurts like HELL

    YOUR NOSE WILL TURN RED. The maximum amount of time you can wear these things is 2 HOURS.

    The company’s staff WROTE THEM making you think these are real people. THEY ARE NOT!!

    If you have an Asian nose, DO NOT USE IT. It will not slim down the nostrils.

    FOR PEOPLE WITH A DROOPY NOSE, go ahead and use it cause it will slightly fix it but I’m WARNING YOU, you’ll regret it later on.

  29. GG

    @ Marissa,

    This memo is being sent to inform you, and any other people
    who may be interested, that — I am NOT a “staff member”
    of the Nose Secret company — I am simply an customer
    who is EXTREMELY happy with the results hat I have had
    with these incredibly inexpensive / effective nasal inserts.

    Seriously these small little devices have BOTH SAVED me
    literally THOUSANDS of dollars AND have GIVEN my nose
    a VERY NATURALLY refined and defined appearance —
    that most of my friends who have had rhinoplasty have
    admittedly, simply not gotten with their surgical results.

    In fact, anyone who wants to know more about this product
    and what great results I have had with using it can even
    write to me directly at
    & I can tell them even more so why I think it works great!

    — GG

    ( a very happy customer and user of this product)

  30. Fabi

    Sorry to hear that you get upset for seeing good comments about NoseSecret everywhere. Have you ever tried the phone number that GG have posted? The correct phone number of NoseSecret is 201-266-0077. If GG were a member of NoseSecret staff, I am sure she would’ve posted the the right phone number.

    For those who have benefited from the product, this is a great alternativet that provide instant results.
    It is not for everybody but for those who like them it is a life saver.

  31. Marissa

    I find it very strange that the staff members at nosesecret keep writing positive reviews on different forums and websites. Every time I try to search for customer reviews on this product, I find the the exact same thing written by some members of the staff. This is not a very smart way to do business. I was seriously considering ordering this product but because of this matter I will refrain from doing so. This is a very bizarre tactic.

  32. sandy

    Your before and after pic look really impresive. I have used NoseSecret for quite a while and it DOES WORK. Over time my nose looks thinner giving my face a more gracious look.

    I agree with you on the comments of the doctor at He may be getting really hurt by it.

    In regard to the sneeze portion of your review , most of us cover the nose when we sneeze so in case it happens to you and the splints spills out , they will end up on your hands and no one will ever notice it.

    I love this product. Clever for those on the small budget.

  33. GG


    If anyone is considering either having or correcting rhinoplasty
    surgery (or even simply purchasing a nose shaping device)
    … my recommendation is that they FIRST TRY
    the ‘NOSE SECRET’ nasal inserts product.

    The ‘Nose Secret’ product is, quite
    simply, nothing short of AMAZING!!!

    This product is very unusual in both that it has such
    a rudimentary, and easy to use, design AND (best
    of all) the FACT that IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

    So … again … if anyone is even remotely considering having
    rhinoplasty – my advice is that they (save themselves lots
    of time, money, trouble, discomfort and uncertainly of
    results, by making the decision to) first try Nose Secret.

    The impact of this small device is so incredible that,
    after having used it, a person may change their
    mind about having rhinoplasty surgery altogether.

    The Nose Secret product is quick, easy, effective,
    essentially invisible and totally pain-free to use.

    In addition (unlike the typical ‘cookie cutter’-styled results
    that are so very commonly found among people who have
    had surgical nose jobs), the Nose Secret product seems to
    have the phenomenal ability to provide users with a very
    customized-enhancement of the person’s nose features–
    by presenting (in a mere matter of seconds to minutes) both
    ‘a more naturally-refined’ and ‘a more distinctively-designed’
    version of the each individual person’s very own natural nose.

    The customized-enhancement and refinement (complete with the
    ability to even induce ‘an upward tilt’ of the tip) of one’s nose,
    that is provided via using Nose Secret, results in the user of this
    product displaying a nose that appears to be a more accurate,
    uniform, symmetrical and complimentary match with all
    of their remaining facial features – and has the capacity to
    do so with far less time, money, and uncertainty of results
    than one would find with standard rhinoplasty surgery.

    — as it TRULY WORKS WONDERS !!!

    [[[ ALSO — whenever their customers TYPE-IN
    the letters “RENE” inside the coupon-code field
    at their website — the company will even TAKE an
    additional 10% OFF the full cost of the order. ]]]

    Web Site:

    Phone Number:

    [[[ And don’t forget to use the “RENE” coupon-code so
    that they will give you 10% OFF of your first order. ]]]


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