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Posted on February 4th, 2010 by Gina

I read the following words the other day on New Beauty’s website: “Makeup mavens know that temporary complexion perfection is attained through four steps: primer, foundation, concealer and powder.”

Doesn’t that sound a lot like finishing a wall in the basement to you?  I have found that there are often WAY too many steps to simple foundations, which led me to embrace the mineral makeup trend that at first blush, seems to speed one directly to step four.  I chose Bare Minerals because of its popularity, including with my Aunt Sandy, who lives in Tucson, Ariz., where even powder melts in the midday heat.  She loves the weightless coverage and has been using it for three or four years.  I was also attracted to the promotion that it is so pure you can sleep in it.  I’ve slept in worst things…

For testing purposes, I bought a Customizable Get Started Kit, which is encouraged by the website and every store that sells the product.  For $63, my customized box came with two jars of medium foundation colors, one Warmth All-Over Face Color, one jar of Mineral Veil, three high-quality brushes, and a DVD.  DVD, you say?  Yep, strike one, but not a strikeout.  It turns out to be worth the time to watch a demonstration of how it is applied.  By applying the makeup to a couple friends, I practiced the “buffing” technique and saw how important it was to the overall blending of the makeup.

Once I got the swirling, tapping and buffing down, figured out how to use the multiple colors, plus the Mineral Veil for making my face shine and retain its glow all day, I report to you that I have never seen a more natural looking foundation.  It is an overall foundation, not good for spot concealing, like under my eyes, but my skin looked great, as did the faces of my friends who volunteered as my guinea pigs.  My shirt and the bathroom sink, on the other hand, are always a mess after I’m done. It is very, very messy.  Strike two.

Strike three comes from where I began in this experiment, and that is that Bare Minerals is too much work.  Three different powders, brushes and 10 minutes of buffing is not what I have to give to my morning.  When done correctly, it is a light, lovely foundation that blends wonderfully into the skin.  I have some facial peeling going on from using a Retinol product, and the powdery consistency of Bare Minerals is perfect for covering facial blemishes that usually look worse covered with concealer.  It is the perfect makeup for those occasions when you want to look your natural best and have the time to work on it.

But in my game of life, I only have time for the bare minimums, not the Bare Minerals.

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  1. LookinGood

    I just like putting a nickel in you. For the record, Cousin Diana’s bathroom is Impeccable. Her personal life, not so much.

  2. diana cliff

    ola que chingada? What are you talking about? I have many bad habits, as you are well aware, however, slovenliness is NOT one of them. I think you are casting aspersions on my character to amuse your public.
    Your loving and clean cousin

  3. gina

    My cousin Diana wrote me the following in a personal note, but I thought it should be published:

    “10 minutes of buffing? I’ve been using this product for years and I guess I forgot about buffing. What is it and do they really expect you to do it for 10 minutes? I apply it with the brush that they recommend and do a little buffing but it only takes a second. Also, as for your sink etc. getting messy, are you using your feet?”

    I don’t get much respect in my family, but that aside, she makes a good point. If you follow the letter of instructions, it might take 10 minutes, but many, many people take shortcuts and get great results.

    As for my sink, Diana, you have no business throwing stones at the cleanliness of someone else’s bathroom.

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