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Posted on January 4th, 2010 by Michelle

bald manFace it fellas. If the top or your noggin is starting to resemble the sparsely vegetated terrain of an Arizona desert, maybe it’s time to stop swimming against the current. Instead of trying to put it back on, cover it up or comb it over, take it off. Take it all off.

According to gadget-maker Conair, there are about 22 million men between the ages of 22 to 65 shaving their heads regularly.  That’s a lot of chrome domes. It seems like there are nearly as many websites, blogs and books dedicated to shaving one’s head. And though the vox populi seem to lean toward razors, most turn to an electric shaver like the Norelco Advantage ($31.95), Braun Sychro ($199.99), Wahl Pro 8061 ($54.99) or Panasonic 8023 Wet/Dry Linear ($69.99), especially when time and sensitivity are an issue. The electrics are less likely to leave razor burn, and inexperienced head shavers have fewer nicks and cuts. One cannot claim to be bald or beautiful with little bits of toilet paper stuck all over one’s scalp.

The debate is whether or not an electric shaver can actually get a head smooth enough, and the consensus is pretty much “no.” Most men want just one unit to handle hair from the neck up, most devices are geared toward beard and mustache maintenance and are designed as such. They have pop-up trimmers for sideburns and mustaches. But even without consulting Gray’s Anatomy (or watching “Grey’s Anatomy”), we know that you shouldn’t shave a round head with something tailored to a square jaw.  When they need more power, those men who are really serious about their baldness seem to like Conair’s fairly new Clean Head Head Shaver ($36.88), which claims to have the first shaving apparatus to follow the unique angles of your head.

If Conair’s numbers are right and that many men are taking it all off up top, their head shaver might be the first, but you can bet it won’t be the last.

There are numerous sites out there to help you with product and technique.  Here are just a few:

And just for fun — http://www.balderazzi.com/

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  1. Chris morrow

    The conair clean head shaver is not worth the money.. I bought it and after 45 minutes of using it my head looked like a blind barber worked on me. Advice for everyone is do not buy it. Your better off to get a good one for a little more money.

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