Bosom buddies help determine implant size

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by Michelle

The tricky thing about breast implants is deciding upon the right size, wouldn’t you say?  The traditional method of determining just how much your cup size should runneth over is to “try them on” during consultations with your cosmetic surgeon.

But we’re not talking about a pair of jeans here.  Sure, you can strap on the falsies and check yourself out in the doctor’s mirror, but you’re going to have to LIVE with these things.  Any new chassis, whether it’s boobs or a Buick, should be taken for a test drive.  After all, we really need to know if they’re going to be in the way when we slam the tailgate or bend over to rinse our face in the sink.

Of course, we’re not the first to think of this.

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Natrelle offers a “Pre-Consultation Kit,” ($40) which includes four different sizing implants, all mineral-oil filled silicone shells that resembles the shape and size of the implants.  They also include a sizing bra to place them in and a booklet and DVD to explain it all.

We love saving money, though, so another suggestion that caught our eye is a Do It Yourself method we found at DailyBeauty, the blog from New Beauty Magazine.   DailyBeauty suggests making your own faux implants to test out different sizes at home.  All it takes is a couple of nylon stockings or knee highs, filling the toe portions with rice, then placing them in your sports bra.  (We’ve told you before: We can’t make this stuff up.)

The good folks at DailyBeauty have calculated that it takes 150-200 ccs of rice to equal an increase of one bra cup size – that’s approximately 2/3rd of a measuring cup of rice.   A full measuring cup of rice is equivalent to about 236 cc’s …. or a cup-and-a-quarter of boob.  Don’t cook the rice and make sure there’s no run in your stockings, by the way.

We know it sounds silly, but if you are considering breast augmentation, size matters! After choosing a surgeon, it’s the single biggest decision you’ll make, no pun intended. So there’s something to be said for trying out the new set of knockers before you actually go under the knife.

We lean toward the Natrelle kit, though.  There are better things to do with rice and pantyhose are expensive.  In the pictures we’ve seen of Natrelle, they look very much like the actual implants themselves, so for 40 bucks, we may just consider wearing these around for awhile and forgetting the surgery all together.  It beats these socks we’ve been using all these years.

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