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Posted on January 26th, 2010 by Michelle

Hey guys, it’s time to get down to the details. Or The Detailer. And through March 14, you can try one for free if you tell them the size of your balls.

The Detailer, a handheld washing tool with a mesh side and a scrubbing side, is basically a shower scrubby with a grip, designed to work best with liquid soap such as the Axe body washes.  It cleans places a bar of soap just can’t get at. And it has actually gotten some good reviews from bloggers, generally of the “I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but …” type.

But the information a man must give over the phone is, how shall we say this, REALLY personal.

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You can get one for free by calling 1-877-329-3225.  A sultry-voiced siren will ask you about the size of your balls – “Small, press 1; Big, press 2; Old, press 3; Need your entire ball sack cleaned?  Press 4.”  It is occasionally tough to get through on the line because it is so popular, we warn you, so you can shortcut the decision by watching the other part of the ad campaign on

Either way, it’s a riot.  Axe has built its brand suggesting that their body products will help get guys laid, or at least, give them options. The prop and online advertising approach is hilarious, albeit borderline stupid.  The video of [above], features a lady golfer washing sporting equipment including golf balls (small), tennis balls (fuzzy) and a “sack” bag of soccer balls.  I admit that I laughed out loud when an elderly gentleman handed her what appeared to be a couple of aged, wrinkly, dirty, leather rugby balls for help.

It made me want to drink cheap beer, scratch myself in the privates, then take a hot shower, but I’m not exactly the target demographic. And here at LookinGood, we think the Detailer ($19.96/4 pack at Amazon; about $5/single in stores) is just plain cool looking, with its bold colors and high-performance tire shape.  Other reviewers have given it high praise for the rubber grip that makes it easy to hold, which that actually interests me as well.

And in case you were wondering about the phone call, I pressed 2 when I made the call, even though I am a woman.  A few years back, when I gave up a position of assistant sports editor in an all-male department, one of my co-workers hugged me goodbye and said “It’s too bad, because the person with the most balls is leaving.” I cherish that as a compliment.

Axe is giving away 1,000 coupons for free Detailers every Monday morning through March 14, so get your balls in order.

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