Zerona: A succulent fat reduction

Posted on December 1st, 2009 by Michelle

Emulsion:  A suspension of small globules of one liquid within a second liquid with which the first one will not mix.

Not a particularly appetizing word unless, of course, you’re thinking balsamic vinaigrette, but that’s what Zerona LipoLASER does: emulsifies fat so it can be carried away by other body fluids.

The Zerona body-sculpting technique has been the most talked about procedure in the press for a couple months now, and it’s no wonder. The doctors promoting it say that the laser procedure removes fat and contours the body without invasive surgery, down time or major bruising. After watching one too many liposuction procedures via Youtube and seeing surgeons working the cannula like a diner working a tough steak with a butter knife, most people who are considering fat removal are understandably squeamish.

Zerona is manufactured by Erchonia® Medical and the machine has a space age appearance — like some robotic octopus or sci-fi prisoner restraint/interrogation device – and involves six 40-minute treatments over the course of two weeks. The claim is that it almost melts away inches. Imagine adding oil to water — the oil floats in one big mass. If you shake the container, the oil is still floating in the water, but in smaller drops. That’s the theory behind Zerona — breaking excess fat into smaller globules so it can be flushed out of your system.

According to, the procedure is offered in some 300 doctors’ offices and medical spas around the country, so it is still relatively new.  The cost is anywhere from $2,400-$3,600 for the average series of six treatments. Regular liposuction, on the other hand, runs from $2,000 to $15,000. Zerona uses a low-level laser that doesn’t produce heat, so most patients don’t feel anything during the treatment and return to normal activities right away, without the need for compression garments. In fact, patients are encouraged to work out after the procedure because it helps excise the fat globules. With a chance of losing an average of 3½ and as many as 9 inches, those workouts might include jumping for joy.

Low level laser therapy is a relatively new concept that began in 1967 in Hungary, according to the Erchonia website.  The Erchonia® Laser Scanner is actually designed for use during liposuction, to aid in flushing out the fat cells.  For years the company has been trying to clinically prove that the low level lasers themselves are sufficient to penetrate fat cells and make them shrink.  Recently, the FDA agreed.  Zerona has been off and running every since.

But the jury is still out from the LookinGood point of view.  Just because it’s noninvasive doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best choice.  After all, because it is so new, Zerona’s long-term effectiveness has yet to be proven.  Ask your doctor how many he/she has performed and how long the results last.  Many people who have traditional liposuction never need repeats to a problem area.

Redo’s are never fun, especially if they have to do with your thighs.

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