Threading is raising a few eyebrows

Posted on December 28th, 2009 by Michelle

Perky, I am not.  Plucky?  Possibly.  Except when it comes to eyebrows.  I’d like to think my look is rather Brooke Shields, or maybe Amy Adams.  Truth be told, there are times when it leans toward Grizzly Adams.  And it’s all because I don’t like to pluck.

This aversion to tweezing has led me on a personal quest to find the best possible, least painful or at least the quickest way to remove unfeminine follicles from what is apparently the single most sensitive area of my entire body.

The search recently veered toward Southeast Asia and the practice of eyebrow threading, a process now featured in malls across the U.S., in which hairs are removed with a (drum roll) thread.  The hairs are entwined in a long cotton string and quickly yanked right out.

Yes, threading sounds like plucking, and basically, it is, except on a broader scale instead of one at a time.  It is touted as a chemical-free alternative to waxing, can be done to any part of the face (chin, upper lip, cheeks) and many women say it is less painful (not to mention less expensive than waxing).  Threading also allows the brows to be more easily shaped than the rub-and-rip way waxing works.  Threading results will generally last three or four weeks.

Homework done, I decided to “string it” and it was pretty cool.  Threading sounds like the plucking (there’s that word again) of a guitar string. Zing, zing, zing goes the string on my face. It’s quick, but for me, definitely NOT painless.  The hurt factor was about the same as waxing, although I didn’t have the same burning sensation.  I had a lot of redness, but it was gone in less than two hours, whereas with waxing, I have been freakishly red for six hours or more.  Did I mention I’m a little sensitive there?  The young Cambodian woman who did the threading noted that it was unusual to be so tender.

The downside to threading is that often, it’s done at a small kiosk in the middle of the mall as shoppers stream around you like ants headed for a picnic.  Reclining in a dentist-type chair, you can hear the running commentary of the people who stop to watch as they talk about what the practitioners are doing to your face. Just remember, there are worse positions your neighbors could catch you in, right?  The cost is comparable to waxing anywhere from $15-$35.

On the day I was threaded, the woman who preceded me had her chin and lip done in addition to her eyebrows, said it didn’t hurt at all and she had no noticeable redness.  Additionally, my skin didn’t break out in the 24-36 hours after the threading, as it oftne does after waxing. (I mentioned being sensitive, right?)  For that alone, threading earns two eyebrows up.

  • Wise Geek has a pretty good description of the process.
  • There are tons of YouTube videos showing you closely what they do, including this one from a news program in Rhode Island.
  • Here’s a site that reviews all the hair removal options, called, appropriately, Hair Removal Advice.

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