The perfectly groomed man

Posted on December 10th, 2009 by Gina

You want your man’s body shaved?  Take the survey.


Land sakes, Gillette is at it again!  They want our men to shave every inch of their bodies, and they are not giving up until we have a nation of hairless hammerheads!

First came the manscaping campaign telling our boys they should shave their privates because “The tree looks taller when there is no underbrush.”   Evidently that metaphor didn’t work, because now, Gillette’s launching a new campaign called The BodycruZade, recruiting women to demand that men “make life smoother” for them.

“Entourage” actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui, is the campaign manager, and encourages women to join the campaign by sending a clever, customized video to that special someone, giving them a fake award for “The perfectly groomed man.”

My-oh-my, just look at that video, it must be downright torture for men not to run right out and shave themselves like sheep!  Why, the BodycruZade campaign office looks like a Playboy bunny audition room!

But according to Gillette, surveys on male body grooming uncovered that only one-third of men age 24-34 shave, wax or trim below the neck – BUT – that 57 percent of men would, if they received a negative reaction from their sexual partner. Further:

  • Sixty-three percent of American women are turned on by a well-groomed chest.
  • Sixty percent of men say one of the best reasons to bodygroom is to appear more attractive to a potential partner.
  • More than half of all men surveyed feel most comfortable seeking body grooming advice from their significant other.

Well, this is almost too much pressure for real men, with real body hair.  And what about us women who go for the Neanderthal look?  If Gillette wins and all our men start going hairless, what happens when our he-man gets old and the thickest hair he has is coming out of his nose, anyway?  My man’s gonna look like an aged Silver-Surfer from the Fantastic Four, when he used to be my Wolverine!

Times are changing, friends, but here is what I want to know from our female audience:

  1. Have you ever had a negative reaction toward a man because he was too hairy?
  2. Exactly what part of his body was too hairy?
  3. Did you suggest to him that he manscape?
  4. Did it work?

Click here to answer.

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  1. steve

    betty friedan is spinning in her grave

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