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Posted on December 13th, 2009 by Michelle

woman-smile460There are few things as beautiful as the glistening landscape after that first snow of the season. The untouched whiteness, sparkling as far as the eye can see. It is stunning and silent and peaceful, and we ache to again feel as “pure as the driven snow.”

Of course, we, the ladies of LookinGood know those days are loooong gone for us, but maybe our teeth still have a chance.

And whether you are male or female, you know that having to flash those pearly whites as you network, nosh, nod and nog your way through holiday gatherings, it’s important that they actually are, well, pearly white and pure as the driven snow.

Given that I am a gal who loves winter for red wine and bold coffee, there are bound to be moments of foaming at the mouth, toothbrush in hand, scrubbing at those damned stains.

Enter the tooth-whitening pen that lets you dab on stain-stopping peroxide solution on les dents much like applying Wite-Out to a typo. With the popularity of at-home whitening kits, you knew that an on-the-go version wouldn’t be far behind, and there are several available either at your local pharmacy or online.

NewBeauty likes the Whiter Image ToGO Teeth Whitening Pen ($29.95), with a gel solution of 9 percent hydrogen peroxide (comparatively, the whitening gel used by dentists can be up to 38 percent peroxide). They say it’s bigger, lasts longer and praise the desensitizing ingredients since peroxide tends to make teeth tender.

There are several others on the market as well, whether you want a touch-up or an overhaul, including Listerine’s Whitening Pen ($11.99) and the Liquid Smile Professional Whitening Pen ($99.99), which contains a 12 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide and comes in four flavors: mint, lemon lime, cola and root beer.

So, if you are like me – less a disciple of Nancy (“Just Say No”) Reagan than Nike (“Just Do It”) – a whitening pen may be the way to keep that smile shiny, bright and free of those damn spots.

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  1. Josie

    Do those work? I’ve used many types of whiteners- some work, some don’t!

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