Last minute men’s gifts for the holidays

Posted on December 16th, 2009 by Gina

man-receiving-present460Since we launched LookinGood, we’ve been paying attention to the 3P’s of vanity (Products, Processes and Plastic Surgery) as it relates to men, too,  and we think we’re starting to get the hang of what might be appealing to them.  Accordingly, we share our thoughts about last-minute vanity gifts for men for the holidays.  Some sincere, some silly, but all with smiles in mind.

1.  Pedicure, manicure or both.  We have known countless men who just would never do such a thing unless someone bought them a gift certificate. Now they would not go two weeks without hitting the salon.  It feels good. It looks good. And they don’t have to admit they do it.

2.  Nature Calls Toilet Drops, by Ritual ($9.00 per bottle.) This is probably the greatest invention since the bathroom fan, but more effective.  It’s a little black bottle of magic potion, and just two drops of the liquid into the toilet water will destroy any smell, no matter how much chili was consumed.  Grooming Lounge even has whole kits dedicated to grooming disasters.

3.  Menscience Daily Body and Hair Wash, by Menscience Androceuticals ($59)  You can’t get a man a basket of bathroom goodies like you can a woman, but this kit has just three simple products:  Body Wash, Hair Shampoo and a pair of Buffing Gloves that are worth the price of the kit.  Refreshing, clean smells for a manly man.

4.  Liposuction. If you have the disposable income, why not?  More than 30,000 men had lipo of some kind in 2008 and the results for 2009 aren’t in yet.  How about little off the love handles to greet the spring of 2010?  Maybe slim down that belly over the belt for summer?  Or a shave off the double-chin so that he can shave that beard?  He can learn all about it here.

5.  Age Erasers for Men” by Joel Weber, and the editors of Men’s Health. Thirteen chapters of advice for stripping away years, such as The Age Eraser Workout, The New Science of Hair Growth, with some good suggestions about hair dyes (use women’s); skin care, back and prostate information and of course, a chapter on sexuality that has this clever chart describing Penis Ages, using little colored balloons. That alone is worth the price of admission, though they ain’t admittin’ it ages.

So, LookinGood advices that you pamper men just like you might pamper yourself.  Remember one of Mae West’s great lines – “It’s not the men in your life that matters, it’s the life in your men.”

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