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Posted on December 17th, 2009 by Gina

woman-holding-gift460With apologies to Eartha Kitt …

Santa honey, there’s one thing we really do need,
The deed
To Ulta or Sephora,
Santa honey, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

OK, it’s that time of year for the last-minute gift ideas and if you’re reading this, a) you’re clueless and b) you’re in big trouble. How are we going to know what the ladies on your list want? All we can do is tell you what has caught our eye throughout the year.

Of course, we told Santa we’ve been really, really nice this year, but one look at this list and he’s not going to believe us. I suppose naughty is simply in the eye of the beholder … and depends on whether or not your favorite things come in brown paper packages.

Most of what we want is simply about pampering, the rest is about primping. It all makes us feel good.

We found this Lavender Jelly Bath ($28). Developed in Japan, this stuff turns your bathwater into a tubful of fluffy, translucent jelly. It retains the heat of the water up to four times longer and the product description calls it a “bath blanket.”  It sounds either decadent and luxurious or just plain fun. Jello wrestling anyone?

Michelle has been longing for the trendy new French manicure that uses a matte polish as the base and the tips are finished with a similar color, only glossy. It’s subtle and cool, if she could only stop biting her nails.  OPI, for one, offers a bunch of matte colors, and the website has a color chart to help you choose.

Body Butter. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? (Think jelly bath followed by body butter …) Some people don’t like it because of HOW thick it is. For us, that’s what makes it so gloriously delicious. Especially in the winter, we can’t moisturize enough. Just about anything by Arbonne ($28) is on Michelle’s list, but there are a lot of other choices out there, including a really nice one by Vaseline ($10) and a “soufflé” by Origins ($27.50). See if you can test it first – it should be rich and creamy, not greasy as you rub it in.

And we made fun of it earlier this year, but hey, if it’s a gift … the Playboy Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer.  Who could resist the promise:  “Dust this deliciously shimmering body powder all over your gorgeous curves, and you’ll be mouth-wateringly irresistible, all night long.”  Ooo-la-la.

Of course, if we’re going to be doing all this pampering, we should have a clean, fresh canvas to work with, so there’s a long list of spa services that would be delightful. We’d like to wax some of the places that don’t always get all the attention they need, have a regular facial to not only erases lines, wrinkles and years, but ease the stress too.  A back treatment, or massage or  … all of it, really. There is not one spa service we we’d say Bah, Humbug to. can help you find a spa near her.

Finally, we’ll take pretty much anything from Rodial. Michelle wants another Boob Job. There are moisturizers, detoxifiers, and body modifiers. People who have used their products, including us, say they work.  They’re pricey, but cheaper than surgery and other processes. But be careful what you get her.  If she unwraps Tummy Tuck, Boob Job or Bum Lift – what is the message?  Think hard, my friend. You might be better off going with that toaster.

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