Breast augmentation – the booby prize

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by The LookinGood Team


Breast augmentation: A surgical procedure done to increase breast size.

Not only is this the No. 1 plastic surgery performed, it’s probably the most talked about in our often celebrity-crazed society. But whether you just want a fuller figure or are an aspiring actress, it’s not cheap or easy. The cost runs anywhere from $6,000-$12,000 depending on size, silicone vs. saline, and so on. And face it, you’re not going to have them done one at a time. The surgery itself takes an hour or two as the implant is inserted into a pocket above or below the chest muscle. Your breasts will be covered in gauze and there may be drainage tubes for a few days. You won’t be able to do any heavy lifting or anything excessively physical for six weeks. The implants aren’t designed to be permanent, and they can rupture. With saline implants, you’ll notice the deflation, but women with silicone implants may have to have an MRI every couple of years to check for a “silent rupture,” according to WebMD. Implants can make mammograms more difficult and hinder breast feeding, but there is no link to breast cancer. And just in case you’re curious, most women opting for breast augmentation went from a B cup to a C cup.


  • allows you to see before-and-after pictures of women in your state based on desired augmentation (i.e. B cup to C cup). You can also see a difference depending on which type of implant was used.
  • This YouTube bit is just plain silly, but it does give an idea of what an implant looks like, how durable they are and the cost. And we never pass up a chance to chuckle.
  • The site is just for breast implants, as the name implies, and has information, insight and feedback from women who are considering or have had breast augmentation – lots of traffic on this site, with a wide variety of give-and-take.

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