December’s Beauty Magazines

Posted on November 30th, 2009 by Michelle


I went cruising through the December editions of beauty magazines to try and find something interesting for the season (holiday, winter, basketball) – gift ideas, beauty products, trends … and either I failed miserably or they did.

Curled up with Glamour, Elle, InStyle, Bazaar and Vogue, rather than inspire me, they made me want to hibernate. Of course I was looking at the beauty and makeup stuff and hadn’t yet gotten to the sex articles, but everyone knows you don’t poke a sleeping bear with a stick – that’s another story for another day, on perhaps another blog.

The Glamour cover promised “Easy Beauty Tricks,” but “Sexy Eyes Made Simple” – four steps that seemed out of order this ‘no-makeup queen’ and made me consider permanent eye liner.

Glamour’s description of “comfy, cozy makeup” as a “cashmere sweater for your face,” made me wonder if it comes in colors that match those fuzzy mittens my teeth are wearing on New Year’s morning.

Maybe it’s because we’re down to about four hours of daylight right now, but the beauty features for both Elle (“Night Light”) and Vogue (“Night Vision”) focus on having a sparkling night out. How, you might wonder? Glitter. Yes, the sexiest holiday looks will have a little Ziggy Stardust to them.

And Elle’s “Cheap and Chic Gift Ideas” seem geared toward either Paris Hilton or your 70-year-old aunt or uncle and her/his poodle.

Bazaar focused on “Glamorous Big-Night Out Looks,” which for winter feature … surprise! … darker hues and more natural tones. Who woulda guessed that with vampires on the cover?  It also includes a Holiday Survival Guide, with tips from “party-circuit regulars.”  Claritin to hide puffy eyes? Who knew?

Reading InStyle (which, by the way I love), you wouldn’t know the holidays are upon us except for the ads. It’s “Best and the Brightest” about revolutionary products is interesting, but none of its articles or regular features has anything to do with the season. It’s almost like they forgot. There’s no party makeup, no tips on keeping the pounds off, no gift guide, no wish-lists. Even Charlie Brown’s pathetic little Christmas tree had one ornament. It makes us wonder: Where’s the glitter?

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