A compromise approach to the ‘BoTax’

Posted on November 30th, 2009 by Gina

UScapitalBy now, most of you have heard that the health care bill currently in the Senate includes an excise tax of 5% on cosmetic surgery and a host of other elective procedures, including teeth whitening and Botox.  It’s nicknamed “The Bo-tax,” and so far, isn’t all that popular.

Plastic surgeons and esthetic specialists are against it – it hits them right in the pocket.  But the opposition also makes a good point that this tax burden is lopsided between the genders: “86% of cosmetic surgery patients are female …” said Dr. Michael McGuire, the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  So we women are the ones who will shoulder the majority of the burden.


Gina has the solution

Personally, the move could send me directly to the poor house, given the amount of money I spend on upkeep, but I understand that we all have to rise to a national crisis.  I do, however, think that men and women should shoulder the burden equally, so my proposal is that we also add a 5% excise tax on pornography and call it the BoPo Tax!

It’s a brilliant plan! I should get the Nobel Peace Prize, except that it is not original – others have advocated the same thing for different reasons, not the least of which is because it is such a missed opportunity.  But now is the time!  The majority of pornography is consumed by men.  TopTenReviews.com reports that pornography in the US is about a $13 billion business – that’s video, magazines, Internet, escort services – the whole caboodle (or someone’s boodle.)  Cosmetic surgery – including enhancements like fillers and botox – also amounts to about $13 billion.  What a coincidence! So, combine them and together we have doubled the contribution we make to the 36 million people who don’t have insurance, and we have done it on an equal basis!

Problem solved. I just don’t know why these people don’t ask me first.*

Now, having realized just how right I am, I know you will want to join my campaign to support The BoPo Tax.  The BoPo Movement supports health care reform, understands our obligations and the urgency of the legislation.  We also know this should be done equally between the sexes.  We urge lawmakers to include in the Senate health care bill a 5% tax on pornography. (Just say it’s a health-related issue for erectile dysfunction or something.) It’s only fair.  You men – show your cajones (evidently that works for you), this is your chance to prove that you are truly in support of equality.

Click here to join.

*Gina would like to acknowledge her lawyer for his contribution to this story.

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