How far would you go for your hair?

Posted on October 20th, 2009 by Gina

If you don’t know Current TV, you should (hint: it was started by the guy who didn’t really invent the internet.)  If you don’t know the show on Current TV, infoMania, you’re missing out on great social commentary.  If you’ve never heard of Sarah Haskins from infoMania on Current TV,  let me have the pleasure of introducing you.  Don’t waste another minute.  Just click on the video and watch her clip on “Hair.” It is sooooo LookinGood.

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150BC Romans use yellow eye shadow.

The Romans preferred to use gold-colored eye shadow which was made from saffron and painted onto the area around the sides and under their eyes. Then they used powdered wood ash to color their eyelids black. This gold color was quite significant at the time because they saw themselves as the rulers of the Mediterranean.