Boys to Men: Peddling adult entertainment to the not-so-adult

Posted on October 14th, 2009 by Gina

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Here at LookinGood, we pay attention to 3P advertising (Products, Processes and Plastic Surgery) for our readers. I am particularly interested in those promotions that involve reducing men to sex symbols.  It is easy on the eyes, and brings a smile to my face to see men being judged solely for their looks.  Women endure it each day, but more and more pressure is being put on the boys.  Today, however, I do mean “boys.”

Parfums de Coeur has launched a controversial video ad so provocative, even MySpace won’t run it.

Now before your hot, moist hand goes flying for the link above to see the video, hear me out.  Only someone between the ages of 16 and 23 would think the video was anything but cheesy.  But that is exactly the group they’re looking for.  The problem is that they are promoting the contest to boys who are underage or barely out of their junior jockeys.

It’s an awesome contest and any kid would be thrilled to win.  The winner gets $10,000 and his picture on some billboard at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, and here’s the added kicker: “Plus, if you win, you and two sexy babes fly to Hollywood to spend a totally self-indulgent weekend staring at your body on one of Hollywood’s hottest billboards from your ultra-luxurious hotel suite.”

Wow, that would be WAY better than the CD he won from the radio station last year, huh?  But what happens if the prize is scheduled during SAT weekend?  Think Coach would give him a note?  Hey, maybe this could count for that Human Sexuality class, too!

I think that if a perfume company encouraged 16-year-old girls to submit pictures of themselves in a “hot body” competition, and the prize was a weekend with a couple of unknown men – all hell would break loose.  While the company isn’t covering their contestants with much, they are covering their own proverbial butts.  In the official rules and regulations, Parfums de Coeur states that “Contestants between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) may be required to submit parental releases for continued eligibility.”

Does that mean Mom and Dad get to go on the trip, too?

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