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Posted on September 23rd, 2009 by Gina

collagenmarshmallowsIn my newsletter to you last week, (you’re not on my email list?  what’s wrong with you? sign up!) I promised to tell you all about the new trend in ingestible beauty products.  I learned about them last week at the HBA Global Expo, an annual show for the producers and suppliers of beauty and grooming products.  Held in New York City, the show turns the Jacob Javits Center into a Disney World of cosmetic components: displays of new chemical and organic ingredients, acres of packaging samples, little molding machines that squirt goo into lipstick tubes, fragrance wholesalers, and lots of technical and marketing sessions with industry experts talking about drivers in the market.

My favorite booth and presentation was sponsored by Mintel, the international market research company, who offered introductions and samples on the latest in edible and drinkable beauty products.  At first blush, it sounded silly to buy a chocolate bar for acne, but most of the products just contain dietary supplements, like vitamins.  And after all, if you are healthy on the inside, then you will look good on the outside.

The entertaining part comes in the type of supplement, the claims they make and the form of the products.  For your consideration then, let me introduce a few new concoctions coming to your store shelves soon.

  • The feature picture is Eat Yourself Beautiful Collagen Marshmallows from the UK.  They are flavored Pink Grapefruit, contain peptides and boast 3,000 mg of collagen per packet.  Now, I don’t know if eating collagen restores the loss of it that comes with aging, but snacking on marshmallows sure beats those injections I’ve had in my lips!
  • From South Korea, we have the Beauty Style Banana Choco Bar (no website yet)  which contains bananas, sugar coated almonds, oats and dietary fiber.  The company claims that 1,440 mg of banana, plus 2,160 mg of dietary fiber will boost any beauty regimen.  If it doesn’t make you look better, it will certainly help with any constipation issues you might have.
  • I sampled Magic Fruits Beauty Snacks from Germany that resemble and taste exactly like dried raspberries, and Shiseido Pure White EX Beauty Drink from Japan, a product to lighten the skin, which tastes just plain awful.  Australia offers a Complexion Tea that doesn’t make any claim other than they have a clever name.

Lest I give the impression that the trend is coming from international fringe firms, I suggest you go to Neiman Marcus and look for Glowelle, the “ultimate beauty drink dietary supplement” brought to you by the largest food and beverage company in the world – Nestles.  Glowelle is very American.  Loaded with antioxidants, it comes in liquid or powder form for sprinkling on the tongue, in pomegranate or raspberry flavors, and is low calorie to boot.

The trend is for real and we will see many new products in the months to come. This could just be a natural progression of smart dietary supplements.  Or we could be buying into another myth of fast and easy methods to make ourselves better looking.

I’ll let you know as soon as I finish this case of chocolate bars.

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