Rhinoplasty. The name is problem enough.

Posted on September 6th, 2009 by The LookinGood Team

big noseRhinoplasty: A cosmetic procedure used to enhance or change the appearance of the nose. Commonly referred to as a nose job.

For some people, the need for rhinoplasty is as clear as the nose on their face, and this procedure ranks 13th overall among cosmetic procedures performed in 2008. It was the second most popular procedure among men after liposuction. When considering a nose job, there are several factors to talk about with your surgeon, including skin type, ethnic background and age (a nose isn’t fully grown until age 15 or 16). Additionally, some patients have chin augmentation to achieve a balance of features.

The cost for rhinoplasty ranges from about $3,000-$8,000. During the surgery, incisions are made to access the bone and cartilage support system. The majority of incisions are made inside the nose, and will not be apparent later. Occasionally, an incision is made in the area of skin separating the nostrils. After the incisions are made, underlying bone and cartilage are removed, added to, or moved, to achieve the patient’s desired look. In the first 24 hours after surgery your nose will ache, you will have a headache, along with swelling and puffiness in much of your face. Bruising and swelling will increase for a couple of days and black eyes are common – expect to look like you just lost a street fight. Your nose will feel stuffy for awhile — at least until the packing is removed a few days after the surgery. And you will have to avoid blowing your nose as best you can for at least seven days. At two weeks, you should be free of packing, bandages, splints and sutures, and the swelling should have subsided to the point of being unnoticeable to most people. You’ll be advised against strenuous activity for about a month. And don’t forget to ask your doctor about glasses if you where them! It is not unusual to have to keep your glasses off the bridge of your nose for two MONTHS while you fully heal.

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