High brow? Low brow? No brow? NuBrow!

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 by Michelle


Oops, you did it again, didn’t you?  Overplucked your eyebrows or maybe tried waxing them yourself and slipped.  Or maybe you jumped on a fall fashion trend or took that Spock fetish a little too far and got rid of them all together.  So you have either cut bangs, or are faced each morning trying to pencil on eyebrows that look even remotely real.  You may have thought to your bald-faced self, “There’s got to be a better way.”

Of course there is, darling!  As long as capitalism and the Internet exist, by golly, you know there will be a solution!

You can buy eyebrow extensions, which consist of little individual brow-hairs you can glue on. Or you can get them extended professionally, which we hear is upwards of $150, depending on your salon.  Or you can have eyebrow plugs, just like hair plugs, which is very expensive and takes time commitment.

Or, for immediate gratification, you could invest in glue-on eyebrows, made from 100 percent human hair!

False eyebrows were invented for men and women who lost their brows due to medical treatments, but with the likes of NuBrow, Eyebroz and other companies, these babies are going upscale and mainstream. Like wigs or other hair pieces, the eyebrows are made when human hairs are threaded onto a mesh background, and are sold for $30-$40 a pair.  You can buy dye to touch them up if you want to slightly adjust the color, and special cleansers to keep them fresh.  To apply, you simply use a little adhesive on the back and stick ’em up there, manipulating them to whatever shape you’d like your brow to have.  If they’re too long, just use a scissors to snip the brow to the desired length.

They’re supposed to last for months.  Before bed you pull them off just like you would the fake eyelashes or glue-on fingernails. Wipe off the adhesive and tuck them into their little card to keep them safe until the next time.  What could be simpler.

Because these “eyebrow wigs”  are glued to your face, we assume they will still effectively enhance all the emotions that typically register on your face, too: Surprise, disgust, anger … But just in case, it might be fun to order a couple of spare pairs to hold those particular shapes: ^^ or \ /.  It might be fun to walk around all day just lookin’ surprised!  It’s your call.

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