Buttock augmentation – Truth or Derriere

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by Michelle

buttocksWith our apologies to the Bangles, cosmetic plastic surgeons want you to walk like a Brazilian (oh way oh).

Jumping on the J.Lo and Beyonce booty craze, what heretofore was known as a butt lift or buttocks enhancement is being billed as the Brazilian butt lift.  A few shots of fat in your fanny and you’ll have that classy chassis of our South American sisters!

They are really just repositioning (no pun intended) the various ways to get a backside boost.  The two primary augmentation procedures — implants and fat injections – have been around for quite some time, and the general demand has more than doubled since 1998.

According to the-cosmetic-surgery-directory.com, implant surgery – aka gluteoplasty  – involves a 2- to 3-inch incision through which a silicone implant is inserted under the main butt muscle, the gluteus maximus.  The surgery, which averages about $6,000, takes a couple of hours and requires general anesthesia.  Healing time is about four weeks, but it could take several months before your gluteus is stretched to its new maximus.  This method is primarily used by patients who don’t have excess fat to siphon off and use for the injections.

On the other cheek, fat injections – aka the Brazilian butt lift — is a less invasive procedure and requires less down time.  Fat is liposuctioned from another part of your body – thighs, abdomen, back and hips are the most common areas – then injected into the buttocks.  The upside of this method is that you are changing your shape in two areas, offering a greater visual impact of the result.  This method is preferred by most plastic surgeons over implants for its more natural look and because the body won’t reject its own cells.  Some of the fat will be absorbed back into the body, so the results may not be permanent.  The procedure takes a couple of hours and is also done under general anesthetic, but most patients can resume some activity within a couple of days and are back to full activity in a couple of weeks.  The costs are all over the map, and will run anywhere from $8,000 to $18,000.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ranks buttock augmentation and buttock lift separately, because one is a surgical procedure involving incisions, and the other is not.

You may also come across a third procedure, a thread lift for your butt that is sometimes called a Parisian butt lift.  A number of polyester threads are implanted in your bottom, pulled to lift it, and then anchored on the lower back.  The procedure takes from 1.5-3 hours, requires local anesthetic and recovery time is a couple of days for normal activity.  And while we’ve seen a website that calls the threads “unbreakable” and the procedure “long-lasting,” it really doesn’t strike us as the best choice. I mean, come on.  What if one of the threads broke?

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