Don’t turn blind eye to industry warnings.

Posted on August 26th, 2009 by Michelle

tired eyesTurns out, even cosmetic procedures are only fun until somebody loses an eye.

The Physicians Coalition for Injectible Safety says be wary of carboxytherapy and mesotherapy. The former involves injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin to reduce the look of cellulite, dark circles under the eye, stretch marks, etc.  The latter, also known as injection lipolysis, is a vitamin-mineral-enzyme-drug injection to treat cellulite or fatty deposits, promote weight loss or for anti-aging purposes.

The procedures aren’t FDA approved, despite claims by some providers, and according to PCIS, they don’t have clinical data to show they’re safe, not to mention there’s no clinical data to show the treatments actually work.

So just to repeat: Don’t allow anyone to inject gas bubbles into the dark circles under your eyes because if the bubbles get into blood vessels you could go blind.

PCIS leader Dr. Robert Weiss of Baltimore also notes that the effects of putting carbon dioxide – you know, the stuff you EXHALE – into your body, are currently unknown.

Mesotherapy, according to, is widely used in Europe and recognized in 1986 by the French National Academy of Medicine as integral to traditional medicine.  Reviewers on, however, weigh in heavily (71 percent) against the treatment, with all saying it hurts and most saying it doesn’t work. Sacre bleu.

With all the other treatments available out there to get rid of your cottage-cheese thighs, black eyes and wrinkled, leathery skin, these two can be easily avoided.

And after all, if you’re going to do something that makes you go blind, shouldn’t it be a lot more enjoyable than sticking a needle near your eye?

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