Plastic Surgery as workplace perk.

Posted on June 14th, 2009 by Gina

sexy nurseI have said it for years – plastic surgery should be used as an incentive for a variety of things.  For instance, if you have a woman who is 35 years old and still smokes, the health care industry should offer a choice of any cosmetic procedure within $5,000 if she stays smoke free for 5 years.  They would more than make up for it in the health care savings of treating a non-smoker for life, than a smoker.  Or obesity, same thing.  For every 50 pounds you lose, $1000 goes into an elective surgery kitty for your use after your weight has stabilized.  Vanity is a powerful motivator, my friends.

The Czech Republic has beaten us to it.  According to the New York Times, the country’s health care system is, much like ours, crippled by a nursing shortage due to low wages, long hours and intense job stress.  So, as an employment incentive, some clinics are offering the ultimate perk for a nurse to renew their contract – free or reduced-cost plastic surgery.

Oh, the ramifications are endless.  Happy, good-looking nurses encourage doctors to stay longer hours.  Patients are glad to come in for preventive care.  Okay, maybe it would bring out the hypochondria in all of us, but we would all have a better attitude toward our health care industry, wouldn’t we?

But what about the male nurses who aren’t interested in plastic surgery?  I know – a lifetime supply of Viagra.  They’re going to need it with all the good looking nurses around…

Read the story here.

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